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Howdy! 👋


The current project I'm working on is:


Owner, coach, developer and toilet attendant of

Currently working on building a better presence within Parkour and online. Presenting new online resources for the community. Main focuses at the moment are:

  • ParkourPulse. The online media and news hub for parkour.
  • Parkour LAB. A complete library of tutorials and online material covering parkour.
  • LondonParkour. Home to LondonParkour, Classes, events and training.


For the more tech-side of things and random stuff, my personal blog is over at

I generally end up doing more development projects for LondonParkour, but they'll mostly revolve around the following things:

  • PHP / SASS / WordPress & Plugin development.
  • Cameras / GoPros / DSLRs / Filming and building cool rigs for parkour filming.
  • Tinkering with various technologies and scripts from ffmpeg to SVGs.
  • Design work with Sketch and Photoshop.
  • Video editing, Videography and After Effects.

Basically, I have a passion for playing with any technology that will get me to accomplish my goal.

3️⃣3️⃣ ThirtyThree

I also work as an SRE / Infrastructure Admin for ThirtyThree. A truly fantastic place to work that enables me to constantly learn new technologies, methods and techniques with some of the best in the game.

Clients range from EE, National Grid, MBDA and AXA to Allen&Overy, McDonalds, Aviva, Screwfix, TheGuardian, National Trust, Oxford Instruments and TSB to name-drop a few... 😉

Day-to-day technologies & services tend to be:

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