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Things to add

Inspired by:


  • Text Colours (TEXT_) - Change text colours (tailwind colours)
  • Text Variations (TEXT_) - Change text styles (dim, italic, underlined, inverted, striked)
  • Background Colours (BG_) - Change background colours (tailwind colours)
  • Icons (ICON_) - Use unicode characters.
  • Lines (LINE_) - Horizontal line of different widths (full, half, third, quarter, fifth, sixth, N-characters)
  • Spinner (SPINNER_) - Display a spinning progress indicator
  • Padding (P) - Add space around element - [PT, PR, PB, PL_] with N-characters
  • Select Options (SELECT_) - Create tickboxs of multiple options of things to run
  • Standalone - Replace all 'source' commands with contents of files.
  • Alert (ALERT_) - Display a pretty ALERT message.
  • Usage (USAGE) - Display a pretty usage message.
  • Align (ALIGN_) - Text position (Left, center, right. Top / Bottom?)
  • Checklist (LIST_) - Nice list of functions / programs that get checked off as the complete / fail. https://github.com/pedro-hs/checkbox.sh
  • Parameters (PARAMS_) - Take input for you application. Flags, Files, STDIN, Strings.
  • Text Input (INPUTTEXT) - Take input for a single-line of text
  • Text Area (INPUTAREA) - Take input for multi-line text input
  • Table (TABLE_) - A table of columns and rows for displaying content.
  • Progress Bar (BAR_) - Create a progress bar of various styles. Time-based, stage-based (page 1,2,3), process-based.
  • Timer (TIMER_) - Countdown timer, stopwatch. Good for progress of things.